Your (Client’s) Blog As A Sales Tool

Blog Content Can Convert How many of your clients realize that their blog can be used as a sales tool?  When businesses come to your agency looking for help with their online presence, ranking and conversion, don’t underestimate the potential of your client’s blog.  The value of a good blog is obvious for online presence and rankings.  But how much do you educate your client about sales conversion with a blog?  Here are two ways a blog can lead to a sale.

  • Call to action – Blog posts are a great venue to announce a new, or changes to an existing, product or service.  At the end of any of those announcements, a specific call to action should always be present.  Introduce bitly to your smaller clients or a software like Link Trackr to more serious clients if they are not already monitoring click through rates.  Many of us know how addictive and fun tracking click through rates and testing content can be.  It should be illegal to deprive your client of that.
  • Follow-up – What better way for a sales person to follow up with a potential client than to provide them with a relevant and valuable past post their company wrote.  It gives the sales person an opportunity to make a contact and show the potential customer they listen.  It also sets an authoritative and knowledgeable tone for the company.  If that person had any doubts about that company’s product or service, a relevant blog post may clear those doubts.

If you are looking for ways to educate your client on why a consistent, well written blog is a good idea, throw them these reasons.  A blog done properly will benefit their bottom line.  For some people, that is all they need to hear.

Photo: stevendepolo