Three Exceptional Blogs If You Fancy Online Marketing

Seriously.  Good work. For one reason or another, these three blogs provide some of the best online marketing content you can find.  These writers offer a range of posts, from specific marketing tactics, to general ideas on approaching business and life.  Read these three blogs and you will have plenty of opportunity to better yourself on a professional and personal level.

Rand Fiskin – Rand is one of the most transparent people in online marketing.  On this blog, he chronicles multiple aspects of his business, SEOmoz, including the company’s revenue.  His insight into company culture, customer acquisition and leadership are second to none.

Social Commerce Today – Online marketing inherently includes social.  Many of the posts on this site profile the main players in social commerce and lessons we can learn from them.  There are also specific posts regarding marketing and sales through social platforms.  This site is not shy to predict the future based off of industry trends and their readers respect them for that.

Altered States of Marketing – David Cohen’s bio says it all: “Not a guru or any other clichéd phrase marketers use to describe themselves. I believe marketing is about storytelling, earning trust and making promises you can keep.”  David provides great insight into the psychological part of marketing as well as specific ways to think differently as an online marketer.  His first post is from this year and like most blogs as they evolve over time, you can expect his content to get even better.

Want to share an online marketing blog that creates a lot of value for you?  Please do in the comments below!

Photo: stevendepolo