Your Clients Do Not Know How To Write

Business Content Creation Isn't Always EasyAs an internet marketer, how often do you find that your clients have the tools to build consistent content but that they rarely do?

If your client’s blog and online content are underwhelming or non-existent, then it’s clear that simply having content creation tools available is not enough.

Why Your Clients Have Content Woes 

Nearly all SMBs lack the ability to write engaging content on a regular basis.  They do not write content because of one or all of the following challenges:

  •   They lack basic knowledge of online marketing
  •   They do not have writing experience
  •   There is no time to take away from operational activities

If your client’s last blog post was from June 1st….2009, or their business Facebook page is dominated by photos of the owner’s dog, yet they’re a dental office, then they need to find a better content solution.

What To Do About Content Creation

There are two ways to handle a client’s content problem:

1) Educate them. At a minimum, you can provide your clients with a blog writing resource that helps them understand the importance of consistent on-site content.  Direct them to free tools to manage social content if they want to create it themselves or do not have the budget to outsource.  Maybe lead a work-shop that educates SMBs on using an editorial calendar for WordPress blogs.  Encouragement and education will prove effective for motivated SMBs.

2) Provide Content. To ensure that your clients maintain a competitive online presence, deliver blogs, articles and other content to your clients as a service offering.  If you don’t have the resources to do this copy writing in-house, then you can outsource content creation to a trusted partner.

Offering your clients a comprehensive online marketing strategy is a good bet.  Regular content in the form of blogs and social updates are an important piece of that strategy.  As an agency, the more diverse your offering is, the more likely everyone involved comes out a winner.

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Why Engage In A Free Content Trial?

As Google continues to update its algorithms, “Quality Content” is becoming vital to SEO and internet marketing success. That’s why Student Experts offers a free content trial for firms looking to provide their clients with custom blogs and quality guest posts.

When creating a new business partnership, it’s important for both parties to be sure of the fit. If you’re an internet marketer or SEO sourcing content for your clients, there’s no better way to make a decision, then to engage in a free trial period. Below we’ll share the three reasons why we feel it’s important to offer a free content trial:

1. Get A Taste of the Content

Would you recommend a restaurant to a friend without eating there first?  Similarly, the content you provide to your clients is a representation of your firm and ultimately, a representation of your client’s brand. The best way to find out if a blogging service is going to meet yours (and your client’s) high expectations, is to get a taste for free. A free content trial can give you a sense of the turnaround time and quality level. With a free trial, you’ll know if the writing has that  je ne sais quoi you’ve been looking for.

2. Zero Risk and Zero Setup

SEOs and internet marketers are increasingly expected to do more with less resources. With a free content trial, you can get the client blogs or guest blogs that you need quickly, at no cost and with zero long-term commitment.  You’ll only need to invest a few short minutes to share the scope of your content needs with your free trial provider. Leading content providers will have streamlined processes in place for collecting information, writing, editing, and delivering your trial content within days. This makes the entire process quick and hassle-free.

3. Test out the Relationship

During a free content trial, both the SEO or internet marekting firm and the content provider should be looking for mutual benefits and longterm potential. This is often an overlooked courtesy. A free content trial is a great opportunity for SEOs to ask questions about how the content provider can grow with their business and remain flexible to meet their changing needs.  With no money exchanged nor time wasted, if the fit is not there for either party, then it’s easy to shake hands and walk away.

How does your company handle writing quality blog posts and guest blogs for clients? At Student Experts we specialize in producing white-label content for internet marketing and SEO firms. Get started with a free content trial today, and see if we’re the right fit for you!

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60 Business Blog Headlines for Inspiration

business bloggingWhether you write blogs yourself or work in conjunction with an internet marketing firm or content creation service, headlines are a vital component of the overall blog strategy.

Headlines have a big impact on search-ability and should include keywords representing your business products, services, and locations whenever possible. Blog headlines that communicate relevancy with keywords and phrases let visitors know they are “in the right place” to get the information they were searching for online.

There are a lot of websites out there with advice about effective headline writing and with sample headlines that you can adapt for your own business blogs.  However, not many sites go the extra mile and fill in the blanks with real sample headlines for all kinds of industries.

Looking at a list of blank blog headline templates is one thing, but seeing how those headlines might be used by home repair businesses, retail businesses, and even highly regulated businesses, like law offices or medical practices, can really inspire some quality business blog posts.

So here’s our list of 20 killer business blog headlines, diced 60 different ways:

1. Who Can Benefit from _____?
Who Can Benefit from Tire Rotation? (Automotive Repair)
Who Can Benefit from Life Insurance? (Insurance Agent)
Who Can Benefit from Window Replacement? (Window Installation Company)

2. Questions to Ask Your _____ (When) _____
Questions to Ask Your Hair Stylist When Getting A New Color (Hair Salon)
Questions to Ask Your Orthopedic Surgeon Prior to Knee Surgery (Orthopedic Surgeon)
Questions to Ask Your Limo Rental Company Before Your Wedding (Limousine Rentals)

3. 3 _____ Risks of _____
3 Financial Risks of Selling Your Home Yourself (Real Estate Agent)
3 Health Risks of A Sedentary Lifestyle (Fitness Club)
3 Security Risks of an Unprotected Home (Alarm Security Company)

 4. What’s (_____ )? A Quick Introductory Guide
What’s An Annuity? A Quick Introductory Guide (Financial Planner)
What’s A Slip and Fall Settlement? A Quick Introductory Guide (Personal Injury Lawyer)
What’s A Diamond Cut? A Quick Introductory Guide (Jeweler)

5. Top Qualities To Look For in _____
Top Qualities to Look For In an Assisted Living Community (Assisted Living)
Top Qualities to Look for In a Chicago Dog Walker (Pet Sitting Business)
Top Qualities to Look For in a New Home Theater System (Audio Visual Company)

6. Best Practices for _____
Best Practices for Keeping Your Pet Healthy (Veterinarian)
Best Practices for Creating A Monthly Budget (Credit Union)
Best Practices for Improving Your Golf Swing (Golf Club)

7. Comparing _____ and _____ (Optional: How to Know Which is Right for You)
Comparing Front-loading and Top Loading Washers and Dryers (Appliance Retailer)
Comparing Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: How to Know Which is Right for You (Bankruptcy Lawyer)
Comparing Botox and Juvederm: How to Know Which is Right for You (Cosmetic Spa)

8. _____: What it Means for _____
Health Care Reform: What it Means for Employers (Insurance Agent)
The Energy Tax Credit And What it Means for Home Upgrades  (Home Repair)
A Criminal Record: What it Means for Repeat Offenders in Georgia (Criminal Defense Attorney)

9. _____: A Buyer’s Guide
Certified Pre-Owned Hondas: A Buyer’s Guide (Car Dealer)
Tankless Water Heaters: A Buyer’s Guide (Plumber)
Hardwood Floors: A Buyer’s Guide (Flooring Showroom)

10. Celebrity Trends in _____
Celebrity Trends in Engagement Rings (Jeweler)
Celebrity Trends in Men’s Hair Styles (Hair Salon)
Celebrity Trends in Interior Design (Furniture Store)

11. Debunking Common Myths About _____
Debunking Common Myths About Acne (Dermatologist)
Debunking Common Myths About Child Custody in California (Family Law)
Debunking Common Myths About Retirement (Financial Planner)

12. The Future of _____
The Future of Emergency Care (Urgent Care Center)
The Future of Home Solar Power (Solar Power Installation Company)
The Future of San Jose Real Estate (Realty Company)

13. 4 Signs You Should _____
4 Signs You Should Consult a Divorce Attorney (Divorce Attorney)
4 Signs You Should Seek Varicose Vein Treatment (Cosmetic Laser Center)
4 Signs You Should Get a Home Energy Evaluation (Heating and Cooling Company)

14. A Behind the Scenes Look at _____
A Behind the Scenes Look at A Skylight Installation (Home Repair Company)
A Behind the Scenes Look at Our Kitchen During the Lunch Rush (Restaurant)
A Behind the Scenes Look at Our Hiring Process (Day Care Center or Private School)

15. Common _____ Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Common Rug Care Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (Rug Cleaning Company)
Common Tax Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (Accountant)
Common Pawn Shop Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (Pawn Brokers)

16. A Roundup Of Links About _____
A Roundup of Links about Choosing a Mattress (Furniture or Mattress store)
A Roundup Of Links About Diabetic Foot Care (Podiatrist)
A Roundup of Links About Green Pest Control (Exterminator)

17. The Expert Guide to _____
The Expert Guide to Eating Wings (Sports Bar)
The Expert Guide to Event Planning (Tent Rental Company or Caterer)
The Expert Guide to Out of State Moves (Moving and Storage Company)

18. How to Finance _____
How to Finance Your Loved One’s Funeral (Funeral Home)
How to Finance A Cosmetic Surgery Procedure (Plastic Surgeon)
How to Finance A New Roof (Roofing Company)

19. The Science Behind _____
The Science Behind Invisalign Tooth Straightening (Orthodontics)
The Science Behind The Perfect Cupcake (Bakery)
The Science Behind Emergency Defibrillation (Urgent Care Center)

20. What to Expect During _____
What to Expect During Your Custom Closet Installation (Closet Store)
What to Expect After Your Breast Augmentation Procedure (Plastic Surgeon)
What to Expect During a Personal Training Session (Fitness Club)

We hope this list illustrates how it is possible to come up with tons of dynamic headlines for just about any industry. Don’t see your industry represented here or think your business is too difficult to blog for? Leave us a comment below about what you do, and we’ll tailor some headlines just for you!

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