Hide Your Dirty Laundry With Our Secure Wifi Cheatsheet

Hanging laundry out to dryphoto © 2010 Karen and Brad Emerson | more info (via: Wylio)
We’ve talked about wireless security before, but thanks to a little Firefox extension called Firesheep, the dangers of using public wifi are finally getting the attention they deserve.   The technology in Firesheep isn’t anything new — in fact, black hat hackers have had the ability to do this sort of thing for years.  But thanks to Firesheep’s convenient packaging, which makes it dead-simple for pretty much anyone on the same unsecure wireless network as you to sidejack your Facebook session or worse, awareness for this threat is reaching a crescendo, and prompting big name web sites to finally adopt full SSL encryption.  Check out this list to see which common sites are vulnerable to Firesheep attacks (as of 11/1/10).

If you’re not a network security geek, you might be wondering how to know if you’re vulnerable — and what to do about it.  Here’s the lay of the land. [Read more...]

Tip of the Week: Is Your Browser Secure?

One of the most common ways to get a virus or malware infection is to have out-of-date browser plug-ins.  We’ve all seen those annoying pop-ups asking you to update your Java, Flash, Shockwave, or Adobe Reader, and it’s awfully tempting to just click “ignore.”  But doing so is equivalent to neglecting to change your locks after your keys have been stolen. [Read more...]