Resources for Staying Healthy with A Desk-Bound Job

desk stretches

This blog is adapted from a presentation given by Christian C., a Student Experts Project Manager, at one of our Friday lunch meetings. Thanks Christian for encouraging us all to stay healthy! 

While sitting in itself may not be especially hazardous to your health, it’s all the things that you aren’t doing while you are sitting that are working against you.  You aren’t burning calories, your metabolism slows down, your leg muscles aren’t being used, and your spine is compressing.

When you couple this with living in a society that already encourages sedentary living spent watching television, playing video games, driving in a car, and  browsing the Internet, we’re all effectively playing a prolonged version of Russian Roulette as we neglect our bodies with countless hours off our feet.

Fortunately, there are various actions we can all take to diminish the negative effects of sitting in a chair for eight or more hours a day, such as taking breaks and doing basic stretches, not to mention exercising when you aren’t on the job.  Bring your mind and body into balance while on the job by checking out this resource guide and trying some of the techniques suggested.

Got any healthy tips for workplace ergonomics, stretching, and finding times to exercise? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Photo Credit: Meagan Fisher