3 Reasons Why Every SMB Website Needs A Blog

blog writingThink a regular business website is good enough for a small or medium-sized business (SMB) to succeed online? Think again.

According to HubSpot, a company blog attracts 55 percent more visitors, 97 percent more inbound links, and generates 434 percent more indexed pages than a static website.

If these stats alone don’t convince you to consider blogging as part of an overall online marketing strategy, then check out the three main benefits of business blogging below:

1. Build SEO

A business blog combined with a keyword strategy is an excellent way to build SEO. Using keyword-based anchor text, linking back to your a main website, and linking out to authoritative sources will all contribute to improved search results. Blog writing is also a great way to mention long tail keywords that may be tough to incorporate naturally into regular website copy.  If a business blog’s content is high-quality and engaging, then other websites and blogs may even create valuable back links to it.

2. Establish Thought Leadership

Business blogs and guest posts are great places to feature recent research and newsworthy items in a client’s industry.  An expert content creation service will know the go-to resources for news and research in industries ranging from dentistry to automotive. When  blog posts and guest posts include timely statistics and news it will impress visitors to your client’s blog (potential customers) and help that client to establish thought leadership within their industry.

3. Promote Conversions

Every blog post can have a call-to-action and a link pointing back to a relevant product page or other high-conversion page on your client’s website. The call-to-action can be overt, such as “Call today to find out more,” or more subtle, for example, “Contact your expert plumber for more information.” You can even incorporate google analytics and a trackable toll-free phone number to measure the success of different combinations of calls-to-action and content.

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