Increase Traffic with Search Engines (SEO)


85% of consumers search for local businesses online, according to the Local Consumer Review Survey.  Where your business appears in search engine results can impact how many consumers you reach. The first result on a search engine page receives more than half of all clicks; the second result receives about 15% of all clicks; the third result receives 9%. The click-through rate diminishes dramatically as you move further down the page.

If you don’t have a search engine ranking strategy in place, your competitors may occupy the valuable real estate at the top of the page. Moving up one spot in search engine results can increase both your website traffic and your sales. Student Experts specializes in using content to move your business higher for relevant search terms. Read more about our SEO-driven content offerings:

Infographic Marketing Campaigns

Infographics use graphic design to communicate compelling data and information. Informative and easy to read, infographics are extremely popular and shareable online. Our infographic campaigns improve online visibility and SEO by increasing referral traffic to your site, promoting social media engagement, and building high-quality back links.

Student Experts is a one-stop shop for researching, designing, and promoting infographics. Along with infographic creation, we provide social media updates reaching out to influential Twitter and Facebook accounts—we ask for likes, shares, and retweets of your infographic. We also post your infographic to leading sites like, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

In recent infographic campaigns, our clients achieved the following results:

  • Average overall referral traffic increased 56%
  • Average Facebook referral traffic increased 65.7%
  • Average creation of 20 new backlinks with a high domain authority
  • Shares, retweets, and likes on social media networks
  • Increased follower and fan count on social media networks

Student Experts will provide the following services to increase the visibility and success of your infographic:

  • Custom research and graphic design resulting in a stunning infographic
  • A blog introduction and headline for posting the infographic online
  • Custom research to find leading social media influencers in your field
  • Social media updates sharing the infographic with influential accounts
  • Posts of the infographic to leading “discovery” sites, such as Pinterest and StumbleUpon

Web Content & Blogs

Retail website content, branded website content, and blog content are the top three online influences on consumer purchase decisions, according to Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report. Webpage copywriting and custom blog posts not only convert leads to customers, but also help you grow your online presence and ultimately rank higher in search engines.

Creating amazing online content is important for your business, but it’s not easy to do on your own. Our writers and editors craft high-quality content for thousands of businesses and organizations. Our online copy complies with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices so that visitors love reading your content and search engines love crawling and indexing your website.

To ensure your website content and blogs impact your SEO and provide relevant information to your audience, Student Experts will provide the following:

Website Content

  • A client intake interview and/or competitor research to determine tone and scope of content
  • A sitemap outline showing bullet points for copy within each website section
  • First draft of primary website sections to gain and apply client feedback
  • SEO-optimized and professionally edited website copy

Blog Content

  • A team of writers conducting custom research to gain expertise in your industry
  • Original blog topic creation for timely, relevant content readers will love
  • Blog headlines written to increase views and shares
  • Image selection and caption writing to make blogs reader-friendly
  • Professional editing for grammar, tone, and style

Long-Form Content

Long-form content educates your target audience about your industry and offerings. Student Experts crafts long-form content, including ebooks, white papers, research reports, and case studies, on an array of technical subjects. Our writers and editors use research and data to tell a story that resonates with readers and positions your organization as a thought leader. Our designers add custom layouts, images, and charts to make your content more engaging and user-friendly.

This type of content is perfect for lead generation, business-to-business marketing, or organizations with a complex product offering or extended sales cycle. We will promote your long-form content by writing updates for social media outreach and distributing long-form content on leading bookmarking sites and repositories, such as StumbleUpon and SlideShare. If you are using the long-form content to generate leads, Student Experts will build landing pages with submission forms to maximize downloads and capture valuable lead information.

Student Experts ensures the visibility and traction of your long-form content with the following services:

  • Client meeting to determine reader profile and content scope
  • Custom research and interviews with company experts or external experts
  • Detailed outline for client approval
  • Original graphic design to match client’s brand and showcase content
  • Final long-form content in PDF form
  • Social media updates sharing the content with influential accounts
  • Posts of the content to leading sites and repositories like SlideShare and Stumbleupon
  • A blog post and/or infographic summarizing content’s key findings to drive traffic to it
  • A lead generation landing page built to maximize downloads

Email & Newsletter Management

Are your emails being opened and read by your audience? Student Experts uses email marketing analytics plus expert copywriting and design to craft engaging messages that get readers to click and take action. We will review your email analytics to measure your current message performance and highlight key areas for improvement. A campaign also includes building a dedicated email marketing landing page to optimize conversions. When customers land on a special page that is consistent with email marketing messaging, the likelihood of a conversion is increased.

To lift your email open and conversion rates, Student Experts will provide the following:

  • Analysis of past email marketing efforts and results to gain insight into past success
  • Targeted offers to one segment or your entire email list
  • Email subject lines and body content to maximize opens and clicks
  • An optimized landing page with a call-to-action to promote conversions and sales
  • A report on successes with email software or Google Analytics