Learning Is Fun: Brush Up On Your Economics With Seinfeld

seinfeldYou may not have realized it, but Seinfeld’s nine seasons are jam-packed with salient economic (and life) lessons.   Econ professors Linda Ghent, Alan Grant, and George Lesica have just recently unveiled their new web site, Yada Yada Yada Econ, which indexes each of those lessons by concept and episode.

For example, in episode 2 of season 4 (“The Deal”) we learn about deadweight loss, signaling, and utility:

Jerry gives Elaine cash for her birthday, thinking she can spend it on whatever she likes best. But Elaine is mortified; she wanted a thoughtful gift that signaled Jerry had put great thought into his gift. Kramer enters and does just that—gives Elaine a thoughtful gift.

The three professors plan on expanding their project to include more pop culture references in the future.  Here’s to hoping they do Lost next!

  • Anon