Content Operations Director

About the Content Operations Director Position:

Student Experts has a team of students, recent college graduates and professionals who build
successful content programs for thousands of small to medium local businesses – resulting
in significant increases in traffic and referrals to these businesses. Our team of 60+ writers,
designers, and program managers wrote over 20 million words for business blogs, pay-per-click
ads, and websites; and generated thousands of tweets, designed hundreds of infographics, and
created millions of impressions in the last 12 months. Our philosophy starts with the customer
and works backwards. We develop online marketing programs, products, and strategies that
drive visibility and sales for small, medium, and large businesses.

We are seeking an Operations Management professional who has lead a team of editors, writers,
and graphic designers to deliver online content, including blogs, graphics, infographics, website
copy, and social media copy. You will be responsible for timely product delivery, exceeding
customer expectations, and driving improvements to employee productivity. You will use
your data driven process management background to develop new approaches, management
structures, and metrics to deliver and measure increased output and higher quality. As we expand
you will develop new processes and operations to facilitate the launch of additional product

Responsibilities include:

• Ensure all work is assigned and completed on-time.
• Develop and update performance goals as required to hit revenue and profitability targets.
• Improve profitability of each product offering by 10% over the next 6 months.
• Ensure all teams hit agreed upon performance goals including productivity and quality
• Payroll reconciliation of A/P to work delivered.
• Weekly reporting on the health of operations.
• Develop workflow, management structure, and processes for all new product launches,
ensuring operations team can scale to mutually agreed upon launch targets.
• Develop and recommend a career path and compensation structure for all roles in the
operations organization (writing, editing, and graphic design).
• Develop and drive requirements with development team to update and improve tools,
reporting, and workflows to hit goals.
• Manage new projects that are outside of our standard workflows and ensure those
projects conform to the client’s requirements. Ensure new projects are completed on time
and on budget without missed milestones or external client commitments.
• Responsible for hiring and maintaining a team that can meet all of the above listed goals,
while maintaining low turnover.
• Responsible for successfully sourcing, hiring and on-boarding quality content
development candidates. Specific on-boarding goals include: decrease on-boarding time,
increase quality of deliverables, and decrease time required to on-board new employees
(metrics set/agreed upon by you and your manager).
• Manage the customer service team including developing comprehensive goals for the
team and build processes to monitor and meet goals.

Highly desirable candidates will have:

• A demonstrated ability to lead a team of knowledge workers to complete tasks on time.
• A demonstrated ability to optimize work flow processes and drive operational
• A demonstrated ability to successfully manage large-cross functional projects.
• A Bachelors or Master’s degree in operations management.
• A background in journalism, marketing, blogging, or public relations.
• A thorough understanding of the SEO and online marketing industries

Position Benefits and Perks:

• Competitive salary and 401k.
• Fully paid health and dental benefits.
• Generous vacation policy.
• Collaborative, results-oriented environment.
• Relocation Reimbursement Considered.

Apply Online:

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