Hey, Brother: How to Host an Off the Hook Arrested Development Party

Season 4 of Arrested Development debuts May 26, 2013 and boy, are we excited. That’s why we created this infographic. Whether you live in a shoddily-constructed McMansion, the cabin of a yacht, or a prison cell, follow our party tips and you’ll be the envy of every Jerry and Jane on the block!


  • Marissa Storrs

    This is awesome! I can’t wait to whip up a batch of hot ham water!

    • Sarah Trainor


  • Derrick Del Pilar

    Be sure to book your appointments with your analrapist after the party to fix the psychological damage you may experience…;)

  • Rose Springfield

    You forgot the classic young people’s song, “Hot Potato!”

  • Heather McDonald

    *does chicken dance*