The Business Owner’s Guide to Posting on Social Platforms

Does your business have a Facebook page? What about a Twitter account? Using multiple social media platforms allows your business to reach out to more people and post a wider variety of content. This guide can help you figure out what to post, when to post it, and which social platforms to use.


As one of the oldest social media platforms that is still widely used today, Facebook is also one of the most important for a business of any size to have. Facebook allows you to post text, images, videos, event invitations, and links, making it a great way to share a variety of useful content pieces with your fans.


Create blogs, infographics, and other visuals to share with your customers, and be on the lookout for articles that your followers might find interesting. Try to post 3 to 5 times a week and pay attention to which posts receive the most attention.


This social media website is best known for limiting posts to 140 characters. Twitter has become popular for sharing jokes, short advertisements, and graphics, making it a fantastic tool for any small business.


Because tweets are so short, it is important to focus on visibility. While it is possible to over-post on Facebook, this is less of a concern for your Twitter account. You can tweet multiple times per day—as long as you’re tweeting quality content.


If you have a lot of pictures and videos to share, then Instagram is a great option for your business. When it comes to this social media platform, consistency is the most important element to consider for your posting habits.


Your Instagram followers will get used to your posts if they see them once a day or multiple times a week, so it’s important to keep up with a consistent schedule.


It might be newer than the other social media platforms on this list, but Snapchat has quickly become a popular app for both consumers and businesses.


This app allows you to take pictures or create short videos that you can send directly to friends or put on your public story. Your Snapchat friends will be able to view these images and videos for 24 hours before they disappear. Use this app to show off new products, describe contests, and conduct polls where your potential customers can screenshot their favorite option.

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