Responsive Design – Infographic

How can you ensure that your website will look great no matter what type of device is used to view it? Responsive design is the answer! With this technique, web pages become fluid and flexible, ensuring that the size and layout of items on each page are optimized for viewing whether they are seen on a smartphone or a desktop computer. Read through our latest infographic to discover more facts about responsive design.


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Make Your Own Holiday Cheese Plate – Infographic

Are you getting ready to host a party this holiday season? One of the essential parts of any holiday party is the food, and a classic option for you to offer your guests is a cheese plate. You might think that making a cheese plate is as easy as setting out a random block of cheese with a few crackers, but if you provide extras like fruit and cured meats with a variety of cheese options, your cheese plate will be one to remember! Check out this infographic to find out more about constructing the perfect cheese plate for your holiday celebration.


The Good, The Bad, The Coffee – Infographic

Does your old 12-cup coffee maker seem a little boring? Have you been wondering what other options are out there for brewing your favorite caffeinated beverage? Look no further than this infographic! You’ll learn about six different options for coffee brewing—which one will you try out first?



5 Movie Remakes Nobody Asked For – Infographic

There are some movie remakes that successfully recreate and even enhance the plot, characters, and visuals of the original—but the majority of movie remakes do just the opposite. Check out our latest infographic to learn about a few upcoming movie remakes that fall into the latter category.


Five Halloween Tricks to Prank Your Frenemies – Infographic

When you say “trick or treat,” do you have a trick all lined up? If not, take a look at this infographic to learn a few fun pranks that are perfect for tricking your frenemies this Halloween!


10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! In this infographic, we offer suggestions about how to go green and celebrate the planet. Today is a great day to start thinking about the small choices you can make to reduce your carbon footprint–and also a great excuse to have fun outside!

10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

USB Connector Types: Detangling Confusion

Do you know which USB cable to grab when it’s time to print a document, upload a photo, or transfer files between your devices? Let our handy guide help you get organized.


Gift Wrap Unwrapped: Wrap the Perfect Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift

Before you begin wrapping all your holiday gifts this year, take a moment to consider the effects of wrapping paper usage on the environment. Check out our latest infographic to learn how to wrap thoughtfully and cut down on waste this season!


Gobble Tov! Happy Thanksgivukkah!

The first day of Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving this year, creating a magical hybrid holiday that may not occur again for another 79,043 years! We decided to celebrate our new favorite once-in-a-lifetime holiday by creating this infographic.

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Know Your Internet Cat Celebrities

Did you know that several of the internet’s favorite cats are currently earning six figure incomes? Check out this infographic to learn which felines are selling books, promoting movies, and appearing on TV.Know Your Internet Cats