Focus on the 4th Ave Street Fair – Infographic

If you’ll be in Tucson this weekend, there is an event that you simply can’t miss—the 4th Avenue Street Fair! This biannual event dates back to 1970, and provides a great chance to find unique art pieces for your home or the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for family member. The upcoming fair starts on Friday, December 9, and runs through Sunday, December 11. You’ll find hundreds of merchants lining 4th Ave, and can stop to take in some great local entertainment as you shop. Check out this infographic to get more details about the 4th Ave Street Fair, and please feel free to share this infographic with your friends and family.

4th Ave Street Fair Infographic

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Dog Duds – Infographic

After you’ve picked out your own outfit in the morning, is it time to pick out your dog’s? While dressing your dog up may seem silly, there are times when this is a practical and even necessary option for your dog’s wellbeing. Check out our infographic to learn more about doggy duds.


10 Superfoods for Boosting Brainpower – Infographic

What do avocados, dark chocolate, and salmon have in common? They’re all “superfoods” that can help support brain function! From vitamin K to glucose, your brain needs a range of nutrients to perform at its best. Read through this infographic to find out more about brain-boosting superfoods.


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All About Groundhog Day – Infographic

The news we’ve all been waiting for is here—Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow this morning, and so has predicted an early spring! An early spring prediction has only been recorded on 17 other Groundhog Days since 1887, so this is certainly something to celebrate. Take a look at this infographic to find out more about Groundhog Day. If you are interested in Student Experts’ design services, you can learn more here!


The History of Voting – Infographic

The election season is heating up, and voters in Iowa will be heading to the polls next week! This exciting election year is a great time to learn a bit about the history of voting. Take a look at our latest infographic to learn about the different methods of voting that have been used over the years.


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First-Time Homebuyer Checklist – Infographic

Buying your first home is an incredible experience—but there are certain steps you should take during the buying process to make sure you get the best deal without purchasing more than you can truly afford. Read through this infographic to learn a few essential tips for buying your first home.


Protect Yourself from Hacking – Infographic

The internet has made daily life significantly easier—but it’s also brought a host of new dangers. In particular, your financial security can be at great risk if you fall victim to hacking. Read through this infographic to learn a few tips for staying safe online.


2016 Election Timeline – Infographic

The primary elections are fast approaching, but not all states hold theirs at the same time. Get an overview of the upcoming primary elections with our latest infographic.


Let’s Go Hiking – Infographic

The new year is nearly here, and what better way to spend New Year’s Day than outside, enjoying fresh air and the beauty of nature? Hiking is a great activity for fun and fitness, but it is important to make sure you prepare properly. Read through our latest infographic to make sure you’re ready for your next hike.


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All About Internet Advertising – Infographic

Have you ever noticed that the ads you see on websites seem eerily similar to what you’ve just been looking at? That’s because there is a complex process that happens as the web page loads to ensure the ads that are most relevant to you are the ones you see. Take a look at our latest infographic to find out more, and contact us if you would like to learn about our content services.