Dog Duds – Infographic

After you’ve picked out your own outfit in the morning, is it time to pick out your dog’s? While dressing your dog up may seem silly, there are times when this is a practical and even necessary option for your dog’s wellbeing. Check out our infographic to learn more about doggy duds.


Responsive Design – Infographic

How can you ensure that your website will look great no matter what type of device is used to view it? Responsive design is the answer! With this technique, web pages become fluid and flexible, ensuring that the size and layout of items on each page are optimized for viewing whether they are seen on a smartphone or a desktop computer. Read through our latest infographic to discover more facts about responsive design.


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5 of the Most Ridiculous Things You Can Buy on Amazon

From everyday items to impulse buys, Amazon is known the world over as the one-stop shop for just about anything. In fact, you might be hard-pressed to find an item that isn’t sold there! Whether you’re in the market for some strange holiday gifts or you just want to stock up on live insects for the winter, check out some of these insane items that you can actually buy with the click of a button.

1.  Live Lady Bugs – For the low price of $18, you can brighten your day with the experience of opening a container literally crawling with 1,500 insects. Orcon Live Lady Bugs promise to devour a garden’s worth of aphids, and they are guaranteed to show up alive—a guarantee sure to make your skin crawl.

2.  $5,000 Dog House – If you like to spoil your four-legged friend, treat him to a life of luxury in the Cape Cod Cozy Cottage Kennel Dog House. After paying the price of $5,671.07 and $99.99 for shipping, you can brag to all of your friends about just how good your dog has it. You’ll also have the privilege of assembling the house yourself from a hand-crafted kit made in Amish country.

3.  Banana Slicer – The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer can save you from the tedious task of slicing bananas with a knife or savagely eating them whole. With amazing reviews such as, “Great addition to any junk drawer!” and, “Saved my marriage,” it seems that you simply can’t go wrong with this affordable find.

4.  Channing Tatum Life Size Cutout – Decorating can be hard, but the Channing Tatum Life Size Cutout makes the job so much easier. Standing at about 6 feet tall, this Italian-suit clad cutout will fit perfectly into any home design, traditional or contemporary.

5.  The Gift of Nothing – For those friends and family members who always insist that they want nothing for Christmas, you can get them just that. The Gift of Nothing comes in an elegant package explaining the simple brilliance of this minimalist gift.

Blogging for Business: Making It Stick with an Effective Editorial Calendar

Maintaining a business blog has become a valuable and widely-used tool that can allow you to connect with your customers and personalize their experience to build brand loyalty and adapt your products, services, and marketing to your target audience. In fact, studies have indicated that businesses and companies with consistently updated blogs are better able to acquire and keep new customers by building a positive two-way relationship. However, there are many ways to blog for your business, and not all of them are effective. Whether you are new to blogging, have tried it only once before, or are a regular blogger, there are many ways you can improve your business blog to reach a broader audience while sending more purposeful messages.

Understanding the Need for an Editorial Calendar
The key to successful business blogging is not only creating an online blog for your business, but maintaining that blog and delivering consistently high-quality and relevant content. Looking at these requirements alone, you may already feel overwhelmed. While it’s easy to decide you’ll make posts regularly, how do you ensure this happens? Conversely, it’s also important to spread out your blog posts to prevent new articles from becoming lost in a never-ending flood of information. Developing an editorial calendar that guides your posting practices offers numerous benefits in terms of both organization and content quality. First, you’ll know exactly when blog articles should be posted and can prepare accordingly if editing or rewriting is needed. Second, keeping upcoming deadlines in mind gives you and your staff time and motivation to develop high-quality blog topics. While deadlines that are too close together can hurt blog content, the right spacing will give your team members the deadlines they need to focus and produce the type of content you want.

Developing Your Posting Schedule
There are numerous articles and suggestions already available on the web to guide you toward a content posting schedule for various social media sites. However, posting to your own business blog is a slightly more flexible process, allowing you to factor in your business’ size, goals, and content generation capabilities to determine the best schedule for your blog posts. Other considerations that may govern your posting schedule include special events and holidays, as well as sales and other business-specific information you may want to include on your blog. You may want to ramp up the release of content as an important date approaches, or maintain a steady stream of posts and information throughout the year. Regardless of your approach, it’s important to keep a few strategies in mind. Consistency is the major goal of editorial calendar creation—you will be putting your content goals and deadlines in writing to ensure they are met and your blog is updated regularly, rather than becoming a wasteland of occasional updates and irrelevant information. Additionally, your goals will drive your schedule—if you simply want to increase customer awareness of your services, you’ll want to devise a very different schedule than if you are pushing a large sale or event with a specific end date in mind.

Creating and Maintaining Your Calendar
There are many ways to create and maintain an editorial marketing calendar. While a pen and paper approach may work for a single writer, there are a variety of online tools available today to help you create, share, and manage calendars among many individuals. This type of approach is particularly effective if you employ more than one writer or offsite writers that may contribute to the blog. Making sure that everyone is on the same page in terms of topics and deadlines will eliminate confusion and improve content delivery so you can be sure you’re updating your site consistently. The ability to look at your calendar and instantly see not only the content you have planned for this week, but for upcoming weeks and months as well, will help you stay on track when it comes to creating new and informative content in keeping with your goals.

Generating consistent, high-quality, and relevant content is the key to optimizing your business blog. Student Experts can help you boost your blog content and social media sharing with our SEO optimization and content creation services. You can learn more about what we do and how we can fit into your plans for online growth when you visit our website or give us a call at (520) 344-4672.

Why We Love Tucson

Here at Student Experts, we have writers who work all over the country—even in exotic lands as far away as Hawaii and upstate New York—but Tucson is our home, and it’s the city that we all love for a number of great reasons. Once you look past the scorching hot summers and questionably maintained roads, Tucson is a city that will burrow into your heart with fond memories of delicious Mexican food, breathtaking sunsets, and those funny looking cacti called saguaros. Still not convinced? Here’s a look at what is so great about this little corner of the desert affectionately referred to as “The Old Pueblo.”

Amazing Scenery
When temperatures aren’t exceeding 3 figures, Tucson is a hiker’s paradise with excellent views all over the city. Surrounded on all sides by mountains, Tucson has a wealth of outdoor scenery with an abundance of unique plant life that attracts an array of desert-dwelling wildlife. Even in the middle of the city, you can always count on spectacular sunsets—especially when monsoon clouds hang low in the sky, glowing pink and purple as the sun goes down.

Our Beautiful Office
After exploring some of the more unique commercial spaces in the Tucson real estate market, we’ve settled down in the second story of the historic Reilly building in downtown Tucson. Not only does our office have a colorful history as the former residence of a family of undertakers who ran a funeral home downstairs, but it also has a distinctive charm that inspires our creativity day in and day out.

Top-Notch Dining
There is nothing lacking when it comes to Tucson’s culinary game. Everyone knows that Tucson is the place to go for outstanding Mexican food, but with tons of locally owned restaurants throughout the city, it’s not hard to find exceptional sushi, outstanding Indian fare, or a great burger. The craft beer movement and artisan coffee trends have also not overlooked Tucson, so any hipster can feel happily at home at a local bar, brewery, or coffee shop.

Quirky Local Events
Tucson harbors a great sense of community with events like the biannual 4th Avenue Street Fair, the All Souls Procession, and Tucson Meet Yourself. These represent just a handful of the arts and culinary events that showcase our southwestern heritage and provide a place to gather. There are also plenty of regular ongoing events that we locals enjoy, such as the Tuesday Night Bike Ride or UA Science Lecture Series.

The Harlem Shake is Dead. Long Live Internet Memes.

Now that the Harlem Shake is officially over, just how did this dance move turn into a viral sensation on Youtube? We’ve put together an infographic detailing the history of the Harlem Shake, from its humble origins as a 1980s dance move to a worldwide meme. Learn how a few Australian teens took this dance to a whole new (silly) level. If you like what you see here and want to use infographics to market your business online, learn more about our content-driven SEO services.



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Tucson Infographic: Welcome to The Old Pueblo!

Tucson, AZ is a great place to live – many of our content writers, editors, and designers went to college here and decided to stick around after graduation. Why? Maybe it’s the weather. Tucson receives 350 days of sunshine every year. Maybe it’s the gorgeous desert scenery: We are surrounded on all sides by state parks and natural wonders. It’s truly a hiker’s paradise. Perhaps it’s the strange and wonderful Tucson culture. I’d argue that Tucson is even weirder than Austin. Tucsonans eat hot dogs wrapped in bacon with mayonnaise on top, attend art openings in renovated warehouses, build their own bikes in subterranean bike lairs, and relish every opportunity to dance the night away at memorable concerts.

Everyone has a different reason to love Tucson, but one thing is for sure: It’s a very unique place. That’s why we decided to create this infographic about Tucson, our beloved home town. Please feel free to share it with your friends or send it to those East Coasters and Californians who still pronounce it “Tuck-son” (We all know a few!).

Tucson AZ Infographic

This infographic was created by Tucson content marketing firm Student Experts, proud purveyors of high-quality guest blogs, white-label content, and custom infographics.

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Guerrilla Marketing At A Large University Career Fair

We recently found ourselves at a large University Career Fair, where thousands of students swarmed employer booths seeking future internships and employment. Our table looked snazzy with a sign, job flyers, a Kindle Fire for collecting email addresses, and of course a bowl of candy.

Yet 20 minutes into the career fair, we hadn’t been approached by any of the students.  That’s when my colleague Sarah had one of those ah-hah, light-bulb moments.

Sarah jumped behind our table and shuffled through the papers and supplies back there. When she reappeared, she was holding what used to be a plain manila work folder. Now, the folder said in large sharpie letters:

Can You Write? Design?

At first I was skeptical about this improvised sign, but within minutes we had our first few interactions with students from all kinds of backgrounds!  Whether studying law, English, philosophy, computer science, or theater, all of these students had a passion for writing or design. The sign was working wonders; we were collecting tons of emails and handing out job flyers.

Soon, a sleek representative from a Fortune 500 company across the aisle came over to congratulate us on our genius sign. “We spent more than $2,000 on our banners,” he laughed, as he nodded toward his company’s decked-out table.

When it was my turn to hold the homemade sign I felt funny, like one of those sign-spinners you see dancing by the side of a busy road. But as nervous students walked by us, wearing their ill-fitting “interview” suits, many of them smiled, laughed, or mouthed the word, “no,” as they passed our table.

We got to speak with so many bright students that day and the sign was a great icebreaker. It just goes to show you that sometimes simple guerrilla marketing strategies work best. When Reddit was a foundling startup with a budget of $500 dollars, it experienced the same kind of  guerrilla marketing momentum from a simple sticker campaign. (Now Reddit has more than 2 billion monthly page views.)

That’s our little guerrilla marketing story. Thanks for reading! If you have a similar marketing story where a homegrown guerrilla tactic was a big win, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Three Exceptional Blogs If You Fancy Online Marketing

Seriously.  Good work. For one reason or another, these three blogs provide some of the best online marketing content you can find.  These writers offer a range of posts, from specific marketing tactics, to general ideas on approaching business and life.  Read these three blogs and you will have plenty of opportunity to better yourself on a professional and personal level.

Rand Fiskin – Rand is one of the most transparent people in online marketing.  On this blog, he chronicles multiple aspects of his business, SEOmoz, including the company’s revenue.  His insight into company culture, customer acquisition and leadership are second to none.

Social Commerce Today – Online marketing inherently includes social.  Many of the posts on this site profile the main players in social commerce and lessons we can learn from them.  There are also specific posts regarding marketing and sales through social platforms.  This site is not shy to predict the future based off of industry trends and their readers respect them for that.

Altered States of Marketing – David Cohen’s bio says it all: “Not a guru or any other clichéd phrase marketers use to describe themselves. I believe marketing is about storytelling, earning trust and making promises you can keep.”  David provides great insight into the psychological part of marketing as well as specific ways to think differently as an online marketer.  His first post is from this year and like most blogs as they evolve over time, you can expect his content to get even better.

Want to share an online marketing blog that creates a lot of value for you?  Please do in the comments below!

Photo: stevendepolo

3 Reasons to Consider Infographics for Content Marketing

infographics marketing

Infographics. This word seems to be on the tip of every SEO and internet marketer’s tongue. Infographics are images containing visual representations of statistics, demographics, historical time lines, and factoids about a certain topic.

What is it about these colorful data visualizations that make them such compelling pieces of content?

Below we’ll explain the top three reasons to consider infographics as a part of a content marketing strategy. We will also share some helpful links for getting started with infographic design and marketing.

Why Create Infographics?

1. Infographics Are User Friendly

People love to feel informed but have limited attention spans. Infographics are popular with online audiences because they feature memorable, bite-sized pieces of information in a visually stimulating format that’s easy to share. Blog posts, guest blogs, ebooks, and white papers are all integral to a content marketing strategy, yet infographics are more user-friendly and engaging than these other text-based formats.

2. Infographics Have Social Value​​

Which would you rather post to your Facebook wall, a link to a blog post listing statistics about the economy, or a stunning image that animated the same statistics using charts and information design?  Users on networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest will likely find more value and fun in sharing a visual infographic than a plain old blog post. Featuring original infographics on a business social media profile, blog, or website can also create a more positive brand image for that business.

3. Infographics Build Links

Marketers can submit infographics to third party design websites, bookmarking sites, and social networks, with links pointing back to the original infographic URL. While many of the links from third parties such as Pinterest or Flickr will be “no-follow,” populating such sites with an infographic image can help increase referral traffic. Additionally, other blogs and websites may find your infographic on a site like, and then choose to share it with their audiences using embed code or a  “follow” link attribution. While distributing an infographic, marketers can optimize the infographics’ embed code with the links and varied anchor text of their choice.

If you are considering infographics as part of your  online strategy, be sure to partner with a content marketing provider offering infographic research, fact-checking, design and editing. To learn more about marketing with infographics, check out these helpful links.

Links to Infographics Resources





Photo credit: Brett Jordan