Oktoberfacts – Infographic

Every year, over 7 million people flock to Munich to celebrate Oktoberfest. Check out this infographic to learn about the festival’s origin, Oktoberfest traditions, and—most importantly—what you can eat and drink there!


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Be SEO Smart in 2015 – Infographic

How strong is your search engine ranking? If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, fast-loading, and clutter-free, it might be weaker than you think. Check out this infographic for tips on how to keep your site optimized in 2015.


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Protecting Your Toddler from the Sun – Infographic

Summer may be drawing to a close, but it is still essential to protect your child’s skin whenever he or she goes outside. Toddlers can be particularly vulnerable to sunburns, so it is important to take certain precautions before you and your toddler go out in the sun. Check out this infographic to learn some essential tips for protecting your toddler’s skin. Please feel free to share this infographic with your family, friends, and fellow parents.

Sun Protection Infographic

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What You Need to Know about the Drought – Infographic

California residents use an average of 181 gallons of water per day—per person! Check out our latest infographic to learn small ways you can cut back on your water usage and contribute to the drought relief effort. If you are interested in our graphic design services, you can find out more here.


Summer Reading through the Decades – Infographic

Are you enjoying the first official week of summer? You can celebrate summers past by rereading some of these classic children’s summer reading picks or by sharing them with your own children. Learn about everything from The 101 Dalmatians  to Diary of a Wimpy Kid  in our latest infographic.


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Mother’s Day vs. Father’s Day – Infographic

Did you know that Father’s Day became an official holiday in 1972, or that a total of $12.5 billion was spent on dads to celebrate this holiday in 2014? You can learn more about Father’s Day—and how it compares to Mother’s Day—in our latest infographic. Are you interested in Student Experts’ infographic design services? Find out more here!


High-Tech Wildlife: Infographic

Did you know that giraffes have double the blood pressure of most large mammals, or that toucans’ bills can help to keep them cool in hot temperatures? You can find more interesting facts about animal adaptations in our latest infographic. Click here to learn about Student Experts’ infographic design services!


Happy New Year!

The team here at Student Experts wishes you a safe and happy 2015!

Happy New Year 2015

Chocoholic! Everything You Wanted to Know about Chocolate – Infographic

The United States tops the charts when it comes to cocoa imports, but when it comes to chocolate consumption, Europe is at the top. Though African countries dominate the list of top cocoa exporters, Africa has the lowest rate of chocolate consumption. You can discover additional interesting facts and statistics about chocolate in our latest infographic!


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In the Bag – Infographic

No matter the season, choosing the right purse is essential for style success. Whether you need a bag to take to work, on a vacation, or to a special event, this infographic can help you choose the right one! Are you interested in creating an infographic to promote your business? Student Experts offers infographic design services, logo creation, and more–click here for additional information.