Gotcha! 2017’s Best Business April Fools’ Day Jokes

Did you play any pranks this April Fools’ Day? Individuals aren’t the only ones who get in on the fun—businesses plan pranks for this holiday, too! Check out this list of some of our favorite 2017 April Fools’ Day jokes from a few popular companies:

SmartThings Emotion Sensor

SmartThings may be famous for home automation, but the company also tried stepping into the world of pet care this year—at least for April Fools’ Day. This tech company took to Facebook to advertise the SmartThings Emotion Sensor, a new tool to help you stay in tune with your pet’s emotions. The Emotion Sensor might be a joke, but SmartThings has plenty of other cool gadgets to help you upgrade your home!

Netflix LIVE!

Will Arnett can do anything, even make copy machines exciting! Netflix is known for coming up with fun and wacky pranks for April Fools’ Day, and 2017 was no exception. Netflix LIVE! featured Will Arnett’s master commentary on a variety of objects, including copy machines and microwaves. Netflix LIVE! has been canceled, but we can’t wait to see what Netflix comes up with next year.

Google Maps Collides with Ms. Pac-Man

Sometimes, while you’re hurrying to get where you’re going, you might feel a sudden urge to play Ms. Pac-Man. In this case, Google Maps’ 2017 April Fools’ prank is perfect! If you used Google Maps on April 1st, then you may have noticed a pink button on the right side of your screen. Pressing this button took you to a Ms. Pac-Man game, where you could waste some time playing this classic instead of worrying about getting to your next destination.

Burger King’s Whopper Toothpaste

You eat a burger, you brush your teeth, and suddenly you don’t have burger breath anymore—but what if you want burger breath? Burger King tackled this problem head-on with their Whopper-flavored toothpaste prank for April Fools’ Day. A tasty burger combined with good dental hygiene habits—what more could you want?

Benefits of Graphic Design Services

Logos, infographics, website images—these are just some of the graphic design needs your company might come across as your business grows. Instead of trying to design these yourself or asking employees for help, consider the benefits of investing in professional graphic design services for your business.

Showing Your Company’s Personality

Every company should have a personality that it can convey with its marketing efforts as well as its products and services. Working with a graphic designer is one of the most efficient ways to develop your company’s personality. Graphic designers are knowledgeable about marketing trends and how consumers react to them. You can talk to your graphic designer about the type of personality traits you want your company to have, and he or she will be able to suggest imagery, colors, and fonts that help convey these themes.

Making a Lasting Impression

Your logo plays an important role in how potential customers will view your business. When you have a logo that is boring or hard to understand, potential customers might simply see it and look away without a second thought. If you have an aesthetically pleasing logo that draws in attention, potential customers are much more likely to remember the image and your company. A graphic designer can help you create a logo that represents your company, looks great, and makes a lasting impression.

Creating a Professional Reputation

While there are many responsibilities that you can handle in-house for your business, graphic design is not one of them. Professional graphic designers have the training as well as the proper tools and programs needed to create high-quality images. Potential customers are more likely to respond positively to high-quality images than low-quality ones. In order to build a professional reputation that will attract more customers, it is a good idea to leave your graphic design needs to a professional.

Giving Employees Time to Focus

Even if some of your employees have experience in graphic design, it is important to consider investing in professional graphic design services. You hired your employees for specific jobs, and they might not have time to focus on their responsibilities if they are working on graphic design needs during the day. When you hire a professional, you’ll get great images and give your employees time to focus on their work.

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Using Instagram for Your Small Business

Your company already has a Facebook page and Twitter page, what else do you need? Different social media sites offer different features that attract users. Today’s social media users love taking and sharing pictures as quickly as possible, which is why Instagram is so popular right now. Take advantage of this trend by creating a profile for your small business!

Highlight Products and Services

One of the best ways to use any social media platform is to show followers the products and services that you offer. No matter what type of business you currently run, you can ask employees to start taking pictures or even hire outside photographers to capture shots of your products and services. Posting these pictures to Instagram will give your followers a better idea of what your business is all about. You can also get in on a recent trend by making short video collages that show each step necessary to successfully use your products.

Do Research

Social media has given customers a totally new way to share their opinions about the products and services they use. When you post pictures of your offerings to your Instagram page, followers will be able to press “like” and leave comments about their positive experiences. Some customers may leave comments expressing frustration over negative experiences, but these comments can simply help you develop stronger products in the future. Your Instagram profile can also enable you to research what your competitors are doing and how social media users react to it.

Interact with Customers

While an Instagram profile can help you with valuable research, it will also allow you to interact with customers in other ways. You can post fun pictures or videos that are relevant to your industry. These will provide entertainment to your customers. Other posts can encourage customers to comment with calls-to-action, and you can keep the conversation going in the comment section! This type of interaction can help build stronger relationships.

Show Off Your Personality

What makes your small business unique? You don’t want to look like every other small business posting pictures to Instagram, which is why it’s important to show off your company’s unique personality. Start by regularly posting pictures of your employees to let fans see the faces behind the products. You can also share pictures of corporate outings and local events that may interest your followers.

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How Have Users Reacted to Facebook’s Reactions?

Facebook has introduced an assortment of new features since its start in 2004. One of the most recent changes is something that users have been requesting for years: new Reactions. Gone are the days of either “liking” or ignoring a status update or shared link. Now, you can express a variety of emotions when it comes to your friends’ and colleagues’ social media posts! Here is a closer look at how users are reacting to Facebook’s new Reactions.

Discovering the New Reactions

When you check out your Facebook News Feed, you won’t notice anything different. The “like” button is still visible on posts, but users can hover their cursor over this button on their computers or long-press the button on mobile devices to access the new Reactions: love, wow, haha, angry, and sad. While some users had a difficult time finding the new Reactions when they debuted, it’s clear that more and more users are discovering Reactions and using them on many different types of posts.

Using the New Reactions

If you ever posted a comment about how Facebook should have a “dislike” button, you’re definitely not alone! While users have been able to “like” Facebook posts for years, they have been unable to express any other type of reaction unless they decided to post a comment. With the new Reactions, users have a wider range of options to choose from when they come across interesting content online. According to Forbes, participants in a Facebook study all agreed that the new Reactions do not have a negative impact on their Facebook experience. When asked to rate the new Reactions on a usefulness scale from one to five, close to 80% of participants gave them a four or five.

Learning from the New Reactions

Now that Facebook users have more ways to express their opinions, it’s important for companies to think about how to take advantage of the website’s new Reactions. When companies post links, pictures, videos, and other types of content on Facebook, they can take a look at how their fans and other users react. This can help companies discover what types of content are best to post and when, allowing them to build a stronger online presence.

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Building a Good Tweet

Social media has quickly become a useful tool for small businesses. Using websites like Twitter makes it easy for businesses to reach out to new customers, create lasting relationships, and even handle customer service matters. These tips can help you start creating quality tweets for your business.

Keep It Short and Sweet
It’s easy to keep your posts short when it comes to Twitter. That’s because you only have 140 characters per tweet! Along with the character limit, it’s also important to keep your tone in mind. Twitter’s short posting format has made it the perfect social media platform for creating informal posts that highlight the personality of your company. Create a message that people want to read so they will be encouraged to click any links you include to find out more.

Research Relevant Hashtags
Hashtags make it easier to get your tweet out to as many readers as possible. When you include hashtags, you’ll also be included in any Twitter searches for that term. This means even people who don’t follow you on Twitter will have a chance of seeing your tweet. You should include one or two hashtags in each tweet; going overboard can actually decrease your visibility and make your content look like spam. Always research hashtags before tweeting them to make sure they are popular and relevant, and will yield appropriate results.

Shorten Your Links
Including links in your tweets is essential if you want readers to visit your website and turn into customers. Unfortunately, links can take up too many characters in your tweets and leave you with fewer characters to use to reach out to readers. You can include links without wasting characters by shortening them. Use a website such as to shorten your links so they will take up fewer characters in your tweets. This will allow you to create tweets that motivate readers to click on the provided links.

Reach Out to Influencers
You don’t just want people to read your tweets—you also want people to retweet them! When another Twitter user retweets you, your tweet will be sent to all of that user’s followers. This can lead to new followers for your Twitter profile as well as new customers for your business. One way to encourage retweeting is by reaching out to influencers in your tweets. Influencers are Twitter users that have the potential to influence many followers. These can be companies, individuals, or organizations relating to your field. Mentioning influencers in your tweets can help them become even more visible.

If you want to learn more about using Twitter, contact Student Experts! We can help you discover the best ways to use social media to improve your business.

Most Memorable Social Media Changes

You’re on your favorite social media website and you realize that something is… different. Maybe it’s a new logo or new colors—or maybe it’s a totally new feature that leaves you feeling like you’re learning how to navigate the website all over again. Check out this list of some of the most memorable social media changes made over the years.

Facebook’s News Feed
Facebook is a social media pioneer that has seen a variety of changes since its introduction in 2004. When it started, users would see their own profiles upon logging in. In September of 2006, Facebook officially introduced the News Feed. This new design allowed users to see a list of updates and other actions from their friends upon logging in. The News Feed has undergone many changes over the last nine years. Currently, users can customize their News Feed to show either the most recent updates or the top updates based on which users they interact with most often.

Instagram’s Videos
While other social media websites focused on letting users share long messages, Instagram gained popularity by letting users share and comment on photos. After launching in 2010, Instagram quickly attracted users who were interested in sharing selfies, pictures of food, and other photos online. In the summer of 2013, Instagram introduced a video feature, letting users upload 15-second videos in addition to their collections of photos. Many believe this was a response to Twitter’s new Vine app that allowed users to upload six-second videos.

Twitter’s New Heart
If you’ve used Twitter at all in the past month, you’ve likely noticed that the classic star icon used to “favorite” tweets has transformed to a heart icon that is used to “like” tweets. When users first noticed the change, they took to the social media platform to express their thoughts. Some users expressed disappointment in the change, though many were simply jumping on the trending topic to make a joke. Even with the controversial tweets, it seems the hearts and likes are actually more popular than their predecessors—Twitter reported a 6% increase in the use of this feature since introducing the new icon.

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What You Need to Know About Small Business Saturday

You’ve probably heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but what about Small Business Saturday? This shopping holiday celebrates local businesses by encouraging customers to shop for holiday gifts, décor, and more exclusively at local stores on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Take a closer look at this shopping holiday below.

How Small Business Saturday Started
The American Express Corporation started advertising “Small Business Saturday” as a way to promote local shopping on the Saturday following Thanksgiving in 2010. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have famously been dominated by large businesses, leaving many small business owners feeling the impact around the holiday season. Small Business Saturday was designed to encourage customers to buy from their local businesses in order to boost their local economies and create more jobs for their communities. This shopping holiday was embraced by both businesses and consumers, which is why it has continued every year since.

How Small Business Saturday Influences Small Businesses
Small Business Saturday has only been around for five years, but it has made an impressive impact on small business growth around the country. During its first year, Small Business Saturday gained attention through social media, attracting over one million likes on Facebook and inspiring more than 30,000 tweets containing relevant hashtags. Every year, consumers become more aware of Small Business Saturday and get inspired to patronize independent stores and restaurants. In 2013, consumers throughout the U.S. spent $14 billion on this shopping holiday. Last year, that number increased to $14.3 billion.

How You Can Participate in Small Business Saturday
Participating in Small Business Saturday offers numerous benefits for both businesses and their customers. If you buy from local stores, you’ll help improve your local economy and community. If you own a small business, you can utilize Small Business Saturday as a highly-visible form of advertisement to encourage current and potential new customers to visit your store around the holidays. Even though this shopping holiday officially takes place on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, many businesses use Small Business Saturday-related hashtags on social media to advertise every Saturday throughout the year!

Small Business Saturday is just one trend that can help your small business. You can discover other trends to boost your business with help from Student Experts! Visit us online to learn about our SEO services.

Facebook’s Boost Your Business Event

Have you heard of Facebook’s Boost Your Business events? Facebook’s small business team hosts these events around the country, helping small business owners learn their way around Facebook for business. This past Friday, our Student Experts Tucson team attended one of these events right here in town at the beautiful Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa! We learned a few useful hints that can help small businesses advertise and find new customers using Facebook.

Our Tucson team at the event.

Our Tucson team at the event.

Posting Different Types of Content
Did you know that approximately 148 million people use Facebook every day? Not only does this social media platform have a lot of potential customers, but it also makes it incredibly easy to interact with those potential customers. Posting quality content is one of the best ways to stand out to Facebook users, which is why it’s essential to learn about the different types of content you can post on your business page. Text posts are similar to status updates for personal Facebook pages. These posts can be informative, but they are not the most engaging. Posts that contain pictures take up more physical space on the Facebook News Feed and are more likely to catch the attention of your potential customers. Video posts are becoming more popular, which makes it no surprise that Facebook hosts more than four billion video views each day!

Creating Ads
While regular posts will help you reach out to users who already like your page, ads will help you become visible to potential new customers. Facebook makes it incredibly easy for businesses to create different types of ads that lead viewers to their websites. Link ads feature call-to-action buttons that encourage viewers to learn more or schedule appointments right away. Carousel ads can feature four or five separate images that allow users to scroll left to right and click over to different pages on a website. Business owners can also use local awareness ads to become more visible to potential customers within a certain proximity. Facebook ads can work for any budget, making it easy for every small business to start advertising.

Finding Facebook Users
In order to run successful ads, you’ll need to find Facebook users to target. Unlike other forms of advertising that have a broad reach, Facebook allows business owners to only reach out to the users that matter to them. Native targeting allows you to target users based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and location. Advanced targeting lets you create customer lists based on website views or other information that you choose. You can also create lookalike audiences that feature Facebook users that are similar to users in your current customer list.

Are you ready to harness the power of Facebook for your business advertising? Student Experts can help! We can create high-quality, custom content for you to feature on your page so you get noticed. Contact us online to find out more about what we can do for your business.