2017 Forecast: Are Infographics Still In?

The short answer to the question of whether infographics are still useful for online marketing in 2017 is yes! Infographics offer a way to present complex or abstract information in a way that catches the eye and is easy to understand. They can make dull facts more fun to read and share, and they can easily be posted on your blog and image-sharing sites. Continue reading for a closer look at infographics in 2017.

Improve Site Traffic

With an interesting infographic, you can draw new visitors to your business website. Share your infographic across your social media accounts and image-sharing sites to boost its visibility, and you may find that as your infographic is liked and shared, you gain new social media followers as well.


In addition, infographics can help with link-building and make your website appear more authoritative. For these reasons, infographics will continue to be a great way to boost website traffic throughout 2017.

Stay on Top of Trends

There are plenty of new infographic trends to consider in 2017. One of the top trends is interactive infographics. These infographics draw viewers in, allowing them to interact directly with the visuals.


In terms of design, minimalism will continue to be a popular element for infographics in 2017, as it allows the data to take center stage.


Another infographic trend to incorporate into your SEO strategy this year is transcription of infographic copy—this makes the information provided in your infographic readable to search engines’ web crawlers.

Use Infographics in Innovative Ways

In 2017, consider going beyond the typical uses of infographics. In addition to creating infographic images that appeal to your customer base, you can also create infographics that are designed to be shared internally with your team. You can make an infographic to display your business’ sales trends in a fun way, or create a recruiting infographic that highlights why your company is a great place to work. Another approach you can take with infographics in 2017 is to attract local interest by highlighting things to do in your area, even if they aren’t directly connected to your business. This type of infographic is likely to be shared by other businesses and organizations in your city, helping to improve your visibility and position your company as an authoritative voice in your local industry.

If you’re ready to design an infographic campaign for 2017, Student Experts can help. We offer a range of graphic design services, including options for infographics of all shapes, sizes, and styles. To find out more, contact us to schedule a discovery call today.