Content Generation Application

Project Manager – English Composition and Quality Assurance

Student Experts is currently looking for a project manager. As Project Manager your responsibility will be to manage one or more projects (we are undoubtedly blowing your mind with this definition). You would be responsible for writing, as well as assigning, reading, revising, and generally supervising the generation of various content. This position would also entail some phone correspondence with clients, as well. For more information on our business, please visit our website at


Be confident, but not pretentious:
You would be proofreading the writing of others, and you would (hopefully) feel comfortable enough to be held responsible for any oversights that might occur during the proofreading process. It does NOT mean that you believe yourself to be incapable of making mistakes.
Be more than merely literate:
We want someone with an aptitude for communication, a literacy expert of sorts–this means that you possess the “ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate, compute and use printed and written materials associated with varying contexts” (according to UNICEF), or so says our resident expert. It might also mean that you can spell or at least understand the significance of spelling–in other words, you have the wherewithal to recognize when you cannot spell a word correctly, and moreover the motivation to use spellcheck or look up the correct spelling. The same applies to proper grammar. A background in English, editing, or communication would be helpful.

Be contextual:
We want you to be able to understand that different circumstances call for different responses. You should be able to behave and communicate professionally with and around clients. You should also be able to have fun at work (we recognize that this is a novel concept). At the very least, you should be able to work in an environment where others are having fun (provided, of course, that they are not interfering with your ability to work). In other words, while we value job performance and professionalism, we do not believe that they must altogether replace personality. Get your job done, but have a sense of humor.
Being contextual is also significant with relationship to your ability to write and “oversee,” edit/revise, and manage the writing of others. You should be able to recognize how different purposes, audiences, tones, writing styles, etc., affect the overall quality of writing. Part of the position will also entail direct written or spoken correspondence with clients, which requires an ability to adapt to a variety of needs. A person with customer service experience would be presumably well-versed in such skill (assuming s/he provided good customer service).

Be available:
We are looking for someone that can work full time, but a minimum of 25 hours a week would be required.

Be embracing about technology:
Beyond accepting that all of your work will be done on computers, it should also be noted that you will be surrounded with tech-savvy coworkers. Not only is it their job to provide computer support, but in most cases much of their enjoyment of day-to-day life (even after they leave work) involves technology. You will be shown how to do cool things on computers. You will be told about new programs or software for computers. You will be sent links to funny videos or pictures (work appropriate of course). You will overhear conversations about computer games. You will listen to people talk about great deals that they are getting on computers and/or computer parts and accessories. If you feel like you can’t keep up with conversations about which operating system you use, or whether or not you have a cell phone that can be hacked, don’t worry because any or all of them would love (and I mean this genuinely) to get you up to speed. The bottom line is they are good at what they do because they enjoy the tools with which they work, and it is important to embrace this environment.

To apply for the position, please visit Pay is $10-13/hour, depending on experience.