Things We Love


Cartel Coffee Lab

Cars : Gasoline :: Student Experts : Coffee
Cartel’s Campbell location is widely known as the third Student Experts office. We can’t get enough of their incredible espresso or their dangerously delicious iced toddy.  Stop by and tell them we sent you!

Motivational Posters

We take pride in our fine selection of motivational and inspiring posters. A poster featuring a kitten dangling from a rope with the caption “When life leaves you hanging, don’t quit” is perhaps our favorite; The adorable and tenacious kitten helps us get through the occasional stressful day.

Our Town

Tucson is a city with undeniable personality and lovable quirks. We’re proud to call ourselves Tucsonans. There’s always something fun to do in Tucson – Classic movies at the Fox Theatre, music festivals, world-class cocktails, ridiculous local traditions, and a vibrant social scene on Fourth.